10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 to Get Better Website Ranking

10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 to Get Better Website Ranking

Did you find this blog post of mine via search engine? If it is so, that means my SEO techniques really worked to make my every single post visible and live among audiences to get doubled my page traffic. No wonder millions of people starts of their day with a search engine, which highlight that front page of any search engine can play a role of the deciding factor that can majorly influence customers buying decision after expanding your brand awareness on such big platform. Once your website begins to reflect in the Google ranking, you’ll get more visibility and your product’s services tend to get more attention of visitors. This means more traffic, more conversions, and eventually generates more revenue for your business.

Staying on top of SEO takes a lot of research and understanding of adapting which handful techniques suits best for your site to match up the needs of SEO tactics. But with so many SEO techniques, it’s become almost impossible to decide which ones to stick to for the upcoming year and which one can safely ignore. In this post, let’s break down some crucial trends you should be prepared for 2018 that will help you out to steal your business from your competition.

Here, we have listed down 10 advanced SEO techniques that you can implement right away to increase your search traffic for 2018. Getting more visitors should help you convert more people into customers too.

1. Conduct a Local SEO Audit

To remain active in the list of Google search engines, you need to audit your website regularly. In the SEO world, stay updated with all the latest techniques is becoming mandatory in order to figure out where you stand in the Google ranking and how you could make smarter decisions for the future. Site audit in this regard is the truly effective master plan of SEO experts to target all the local search users and hit their attention globally. This technique will closely inspect your overall site performance, setting new objectives based on what you drive and implementing tactics to reach those objectives.

2. Create the Pages According to the user needs

Auditing is the step which helps you to uncover what’s wrong with your site or page and what areas you are lacking and ultimately helps you to maximize your profits by utilizing the best use of the content. If you are serious about your online presence, making sure your web pages doing well locally and local search, users can easily find your search results only then you will be able to mark your presence worldwide. Always strive your focus for targeted customer’s need.

Are you sure you are actually hitting those points in your content which your audience looking for? Are you sure that you have an audience of customers that want exactly what you’ve built? How do you make sure that whatever meal you are serving in your budget to your targeted customers they will go to like it. Obviously, if people don’t find something interesting on your site, why would they want to waste their quality time for you? Until unless you don’t about your audience likes and dislikes you won’t be able to retain their attention for a longer period. When you get aware of their likings you can serve them their favorite dish. Beyond getting SEO lucrative benefits, you need to streamline your focus on what your audience looking for you. You can also draw their opinion of your site that can suggest you what you are lacking from their point of view and their opinion will also add on plus point for web pages.

3. Google Loves SEO friendly Pages – Build Pages Accordingly

If your web page dealing with abandonment issues as your landing page bounce rate brings down ineffective PPC campaigns? Don’t know how to fix this issue? Don’t need to worry anymore. A well designed, functional landing pages can improve your lead generation and drive maximize traffic The more attractive landing pages you create comes out of Pay Per Click (PPC), the more opportunity you open up for incoming search traffic. 

4. 262 Million Mobile Internet User in India So, Build Mobile friendly websites.

Mobile visibility has nowadays become a vital factor for online real world as people become more habitual of browsing the internet using their smartphones. Many of you might notice that there are certain things that people search on smartphones but never on desktops. And this usually the case when the query works better or only works on a smartphone as opposed to a desktop. As a result over 60% of search engines now perform on a handy device which make it’s more important than ever now a to convert websites to mobile friendly websites. So, that your presence can reach in the hands of the maximum number of visitors. Designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices.

Make sure visitors have a good experience on your site when they’re visiting your site from their mobile devices! Don’t make it a hassle one as this will add negative impact for your site and customer’s never return to you.

5. An Info graphic can increase site traffic and improve its appearance
Internet is in itself a visual platform and audience likes to absorb info graphic information on the site than just a long text article. Select a topic and put together some statistics on it and make use of some appealing design to comb all the info that can hold the attention of the reader to the niche topic of your site as readers are in a habit of scrolling for latest information and news and this way your web page would able to gain more than a few new site readers. Therefore, info graphics have the potential to reach millions of visitors and keep them engaged with your content.

A visual representation of an interesting topic is the most efficient way to present information than long paragraphs of text. Readers like to grab your info graphic information quickly as they find it more interesting, absorb the information and will definitely stay a bit longer to check out what else you have to convey to them, or may bookmark your site for later purposes. Always noted that readers of a site are more likely to share info graphic information via email or private message as well as they finds it convenient fact to share with others.

6. Create content for Google’s Rankbrain

Google and similar search engines are becoming much smarter and advanced now. Hence, there is no more mean to rely solely on traditional SEO strategies. SEO tactics asks to become more wise by utilizing the Google third highest ranking algorithm Rankbrain. Being an artificial intelligence system this algorithm has indeed revolutionized the way the search-engine understands the complex queries and determines that you want the particular option based on thousands of other searches performed by people for the same term or phrase. All in all rankbrain helps to get connected with the relevant result.

“If you can optimize your content for Google Rankbrain, you have marked a remarkable position in SERPs. “

7. Publish informative and detailed content over 1,800 + words

Backlink analyzed that average first page search result was 1800+ words which generate big returns in organic search traffic. On survey, it is also discussed that we are in the era of “age of skimming” and readers won’t like to read a longer article. Anything too long will get stuck in the tail, deer trap. Although many SEO experts do believe that the content length isn’t everything. A shorter post with higher quality will still outperform a longer, low-quality post. Making it more unique and interesting to humans and Google is important as a page is likely to display in search results. Don’t fluff up your page to meet a word-count requirement. Long post with a maximum of 1800 word count will rank more easily because of Google will take up your long tail variants of keywords to turn up in every search results. Make sure that your blog post is nicely structured and contained all the detailed information of topic you have chosen to divert the attention of the reader and make it interesting to read and share with others.

8. Create an expert roundup post

A well executed roundup post can put your content on the map and it is considered to be effective SEO tools to reach out to the movers and shakers in your niche expertise. Readers love expert roundups as they get insights of some of the industry’s most respected people all in one place. Not only it drives different viewpoints of experts into your article, but also helps to grow your SEO rankings and traffic by allowing your website to get to reach in front of lots of new audiences.

9. Post informative content on social media

Posting interesting content from a wide variety of categories assures that you’ll delight your current fans, while attracting millions of new ones! However, If your blog is new, it can be difficult to perform well in Google search results for high volume keywords search because your domain and Page Authority are still very low. That’s why social media platforms considered to be the most lucrative option in order to gain credibility and high volume of traffic. Social media is in trend nowadays where 90% of revenue can generate itself. Connect your audience attention on social media is a great way to build that community of fans for your brand by sharing spontaneously amazing content related to your object.

10. Improve Google ranking with the Link Juice

If your web page reflects on 2 or 3rd page of google search results, it helps to enhance your overall trustworthiness in Google’s perception when you link to high authority sites. This tool shows very clearly how much PageRank link juice flows through each link on the site, and then compare that to how much link juice would flow if the number of links were reduced to 100 links. It creates a positive ranking factor for your site that a link passes from one page to the next via number of external and internal links pointing back to a website.

These advanced SEO techniques 2018  may not be the easiest tool to implement right away without having expertise in this sector– they certainly require more efforts than ordinary keyword research and link building. But following these hard core strategies can guarantee double your web search traffic, especially when you combine these tactics with storytelling principles when crafting interesting content. Remember the concern of the person on the other side of the screen and do accordingly for what they exactly want from you. SEO success is all about rendering useful and creative content to your targeted audience so have a niche for this concern. The above tips get you well on your way to optimize your site’s on-page aspects.

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