11 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Lead Generation

Lead Generations

11 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Lead Generation

Setting up a business is a big deal but to make sure that the business will survive in the marketplace is another big deal. Basically, to make a remarkable presence among the crowd of millions, you should have to come up with the completely new and different revenue streams that will increase your profit now or later. Let’s face it; it is undoubtedly true that we start the business to make millions, basically to cut that minimum wage plan out of our life. Someone quote this correct that “No one will become rich by working 9 to 5 in a closed cubicle”. But to accomplish this saying or to reach out the maximum we have to put in the efforts too.

The key to a great business has always been the customers, still is and always will be. Doesn’t matter if you have the best product line in the world, you have the most appealing website, how much you are spending on the manufacturing, nothing. All that matters is the traffic or Lead Generation. I mean seriously how can someone buy your product if they don’t know about it? You have to make yourself visible or you have to give your audience some reason to look forward to you.

People often struggle with the Lead Generation Process because, with the increasing number, it needs to be qualitative too in order to sell effectively. The high-quality leads are those that can be converted into customers with whom your salespeople can contact, meet and make sales with. Comprehensively, you should have to make constant efforts and evaluation to improve the tactics of lead generation that will help you throughout.

You can hence work on various strategies which will help you in lead generation that will eventually raise your business profit right now.

So let’s get started-

1) Extensive Market Research

Do you know why many of start-up businesses fail in spite of having the best products in the market with an average number of customers? It is because of incomplete knowledge, wrong marketing strategies; lack of experience, and most importantly, no online presence. Research and Development is the core part of any business, company or organization because it lets you keep constantly improving, keeps you updated with the latest trends and carry out major experiments. The importance of market research in the process of lead generation should be taken seriously. The increase of traffic on your website means the increase of potential customers. When we don’t know something completely, the first thing that will help is the “Research Studies”. For example, if we go to buy a chair for our home, we visit a lot of stores, compare prices, and choose different colors to make the right choice, so that we don’t have to pay for it later on.

Get it this way, “Smart Business is the outcome of Smart Decisions” which anyhow leads from the in-depth market analysis. Knowing about the audience, market, and the social platform of that particular business form is the primary step of any startup. Thus, we cannot consider the market analysis as an option but more as a necessity.

But all of this will not happen in a blink of an eye. You constantly have to do efforts and keep promoting your brand with the same strategy that you are doing now. Once you comprehend these things, you can easily channel all your attention to your site, where your customers will get all the answers without even looking for that.

2) Responsive Website Helps in Lead Generation

After doing all the market planning, figuring out business strategies, creating the products and so on, the next thing you should think about to reach out the maximum clarity among the customers is a Website. To me “Website is something that gives any evolving business an appropriate direction.” No matter what you think, your website design is going to be the first ever visiting platform or you can say it would be the first and last impression of your brand that most of the people access.

I mean just think, how many times do you use your phone? Five times? Ten Times? Hundred times? Well, your customers are no different. According to stats, around 340 million people of India’s population use Smartphone which is indeed a massive number. This is why people find it easier to check emails or visit websites through their phones which somewhere calls out for a Responsive Website. By this, we mean that if someone tries to access your website, it should not be clumsy. Of course, no one wanted to waste his time waiting for the content or images to load on their screen and the most prompt and prime reason for this disinterest is the impatient nature of the people when they come online. If your website is not responsive or is not supported by the small media devices, it loses its effectiveness, your money, and your idea of gaining a lot of hits that eventually converts into the potential customers.

Hence, LoginAt Solutions provides the complete solution for the creation of the websites with creative and unique content and appealing design.

3) How To Generate Leads?

So, before knowing about how to generate leads, let’s take a glance at what are the leads actually? Some people refer leads as likes and comments, while some refer it as the potential customers from which the latter is correct. Leads or Customers are those powerful links that will make your brand either go extremely high or miserably low. The Customers who visited your website are named to be as leads because they somehow showed the interest in your products or services by making their contact information available. By constant follow up or providing valuable information, your sales team can build good relations with the clients which not only increase the traffic on your website but also increase your business revenue tremendously.

There are a number of ways to generate the leads out of your website. Some come under online methods and some in offline.

Offline Tactics

  • Publishing relevant information in Newspapers- What was the last advertisement you have seen in the newspaper? Not really remember? Well, it’s pretty much expected. Very less number of people bothers to read the advertisement in the newspaper as there are many of them at a single place. And even if somebody does, it’s not necessary that he will remember it anyway because of the so much tensions going in the mind, fast life, struggle to go for the job and maintaining the family life.

Hypothetically, if we consider that an average person reads the newspaper daily, still he doesn’t read it twice. It’s so unsurprising that a person never reads the same newspaper again which will directly give us an idea about the low frequency that people have seen our advertisement. To justify this statement, according to a study, it is proved that the visual information likes to get retained much more easily in our minds than any other. So if the people haven’t seen the advertisement more than once in the newspaper, how will they retain it?

People are more involved in the technology these days and thus most of the potential clients will visit online sites to search for the particular product or service according to their convenience. But if your target audience is more into reading, this is the perfect way of channelizing your brand.

  • Networking with People at Events- Having a face-to-face meeting always creates an appealing and powerful impact on the people if you really want to impart the first impression and prospects your relationship with them. Conferences, trading events, and big business parties always attract potential clients and thus gives you a great opportunity to connect with such influential people so easily and in a short span of time.

Exhibiting your products and services in these types of environments will get a lot of recognition to you which sooner or later results in making up the interest of the people to know about your brand through constant follow-up after days or weeks.

It is true that Digital strategies or online marketing are totally different aspects of brand recognition and may attract a lot more than the conventional types but still, the historic marketing strategies are still in action.

  • Direct Mail- Sending a mail is not a big deal, everyone is doing the same, but the thing a well-designed letter or postcard can do, a junk mail on the mailing sites will never. I mean who doesn’t love the special treatment or a sweet gesture. And a customer will always feel honored and respected if you will send them the promotional offers or promo codes packed in a well-designed envelope. This method will not only keep you unique from your competitors but also mark a special presence in the heart of your prospects.

Make sure that you hire an experienced and professional graphic designer so that the designing of your mail should be done at the best in order to reinforce your brand identity by capturing the client’s attention. You can also try giving a small gift as a freebie for holding their interest in your brand.

Online Tactics

  • Search Engine OptimizationSEO is the vital part of generating positive leads. If you are not using SEO for this, you are missing out a great opportunity in making your business achieve the heights. But how actually SEO Works?
  • It rises up the ranking of your website on search engine based on your most used keywords
  • When people search those keywords, your website shows up in the top 10 posts, which users click and thus creating the traffic
  • Eventually, gaining the most hits, you can convert those leads into customers that will increase your sales efficacy

If talking more precisely, SEO helps the users to find you online through the improved content and by creating the back links for attracting people right out of the blue.

  • Social Media- The most powerful source to get in touch with the common people all over the world is the “Social Media’, if you’re not relying on this for your marketing strategy, you are lagging behind greatly. Being connected online is quite easy these days, from 10-year old kid to 80-year old adult, all of them are using one or other social media site. Thus you can say that approximately 90 percent of all types of businesses are using social media as their lead for paid promotions.

Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a large proportion of businesses are using these sites as the platform for their brand recognition by posting ads, quizzes, and blogs. The social media posts can be of great help up to a great extent if the things are done correctly. Every business person want to get high data on minimum efforts and that is what you get if you register on social media sites. It lets you connect with more and more people every single hour which automatically puts you in getting the most interested leads or prospects for your business growth and recognition.

  • PPC Marketing- You doesn’t exactly admit it, but you are already familiar with the PPC Marketing. Do you remember those sponsored ads with a yellow label that you see each time when you visit Google for your search? That is called PPC Marketing. It may be generalized as the easiest, most viewed and paid marketing that one can have for his product and service. In this marketing, Advertisers are charged only when a viewer click on the ad and that is why it is called as pay-per-click.

But having a PPC is not enough; you have to manage the PPC Campaigns if you are looking for really good results. And you can do this by:

  • Adding most searched keywords that are relevant to your business growth
  • Modifying the content
  • Boost the efficiency of the landing page

You can learn more about PPC once you get to know the marketing skills and after the in-depth analysis.

4) Direct Engagement- Live Videos And Forums

When it comes to the matter of contacting your clients, you can always go for live sessions and live help centers where your customer sales support are always there to help the clients with their queries in a personalized way rather than the incoherent FAQ’s. Engaging directly with your customers is always a boon to your business because this approach will help your customers to build their trust for your brand which later results to more recognition and more leads.

5) Develop Informative Content

“Content will always remain the king of a successful website”. It is totally ill-logical if we say that it is okay to have the regular content on your page. Content is the real frame of attracting the web traffic and holding on the viewers. The content has to be informative, for example- the 5 page blog doesn’t matter if it doesn’t contain any relevant information. The high-quality content will always attract the viewers.

In the past few years, the demand for the high-quality content has increased to a massive number because of its lead generating capability. Developing the extra-ordinary content is quite a task if you don’t know the basic steps.

  • You should identify the nature of the content your business needs to hold the visitors on your website
  • You should know what people is reading by surveying the online stats
  • Content heading should be appealing which will force the users to click on it
  • Gather all the data and statistics to make your content in-depth
  • A sweet little gesture says a lot and goes a long way. So if you can, do send your clients a Thank You note for their kind support and help.

6) Tap Into Databases

Isn’t it cool that you get 100 relevant leads in a day that all turns into prospective customers? But how is it possible? The Answer is Lead Databases. Now you must be wondering what are Lead Databases? Let me help you.

Generally, these databases are the extra source of prospective leads that is accessible to everyone online. It basically maintains the information of customers in an organized way which can be later used for the marketing purpose. When it comes to the high-quality leads, it means the quality more than the quantity. Using the lead databases for creating a large number of leads online is doing the same for you and thus also proves to be a great success. There are various lead databases online such as LinkedIn that provides free registration so that you can connect with more and more people from different fields who might be interested in your products and services. So don’t stop, go search!!

7) Automate Your Marketing

We’ve heard a lot about Market Automation but at the end of the day we don’t know what exactly does it mean?

Say that Marketing is the most important aspect for your business. Sounds too evident, right? But if you see more closely to the automation reality, you will find it totally on a different page. Marketing Automation refers to software that helps to manage the repetitive sending of relevant messages, e-mails, and social activities to the customers for generating more prospects or potential leads. The technology used for automation process makes the process much easier than the voluntarily executed approach. Also, this marketing not only generates leads but brings great revenue for the company in a short time.

According to my experience, “Drip” is one of the most finest and popular automation applications that will help you in creating e-mails and messages with a proper guidance to convert leads into customers.

8) Arrange Contests And Quiz On Your Blog

Quizzes can generate a great number of leads if they are designed to be interactive and entertaining. To draw a lot more attention of the readers so that they can give an immediate feedback to your post, you should post a quiz to your blog. Connecting with your audience this way will not only let you generate leads but also helps you to build a strong relationship in the long term.

There is a free tool called QuizBuilder that helps you create a quiz in a few easy steps and publish it on your blog.

9) Landing Pages.

Among all the effective methods of Lead Generation, Landing pages marked their own specific identity to attract the authentic leads for your business. Creating a good landing page means that you should not confuse your clients when they are visiting your website. For example- Suppose the client is trying to get the product information, but he landed on to the digital marketing page, now think by yourself, isn’t it infuriating?

First Impression is the Last Impression; this phrase is no truer if you don’t create a well-defined landing page for your website. We like what we see and thus if your landing page is not effective or creative no one is going to spend more than 10 seconds on your webpage. Say if your website lacks the landing page, it will going to affect your brand identity, social media presence, and the way you attract the customers and convert leads. Now if you have a landing page but it is not that effective, you can always use progressive approaches.

How and Why Landing Page generate Leads? – The Progressive approaches such as a “Candidature form” that every visitor has to fill for a new registration or to visit the complete website. This technique will reduce the number of duplicate leads and you will get more valuable information of the clients. And the best part of this approach only attracts those potential clients who are actually searching for the solution for their query that probably fit with what you are offering.

10) Cold Calling and Cold Mailing

Sending Cold e-mails to complete strangers sounds weird. But it is the easiest way to connect people in a rigid or personalized way. All of us receive hundreds of mails daily that automatically go to the trash but still once in a while we make a look on them. Likewise, if you proceed this way of connecting people out there it will generate some leads in a week or month.

On the other hand, Cold Calling means contacting the prospective customers through phone calls. This way of generating leads might not be very popular but it is an easiest and efficient way of getting the immediate feedback of the customers. Cold calling is thus prefer by many sales professional as the convenient way of connecting new prospects. To facilitate this type of calling, they use Internet calling service (VoIP) as the calling medium as it provides unlimited calling to anywhere in the world and is 70%cheapest as compared to the traditional calling systems.

11) Ask For Referrals

Your happy customers can be turned into promoters! Have you ever think of that? If not, then start thinking about this too. Every time you visit to your client for promotional offers, freebies, or for delivering their ordered product, you can always ask them for a little help in generating more business. Referrals are said to be very effective. But how can you implement this in the right way in real life? Let’s see:

  • Instruct your sales team to get a regular feedback of your customer to know if he is happy with the service or not.
  • To get in touch with your client, either ping him on phone or e-mail him to make the conversation go forward.
  • Always thank you customer for giving the feedback and build your trust of taking care of your client’s needs in future.
  • Politely ask them for other contacts that he thinks may be interested in your products or services.
  • Get all the details of the referral client with a suitable time to call and a little about their chances of interest.

Now If You”Re Here

LoginAt Solutions is one of the leading Website Designing Company that has its expertise in providing cost-effective and creative solutions for the business development and growth.  If you are a beginner and are struggling to promote your brand, then this is the right place for you. Our highly professional and experienced team helps in designing your web page, creating the unique content and generates leads with the most effective methods.

Also, with these services we focus on something more unlike other companies:

  • We believe in quality rather than quantity.
  • We believe that the “Good Content is the King”, therefore we employ the best content writers that will attract the viewers and turned them into customers.
  • The loading time of the website is always low so that your viewers don’t have to wait.
  • The accessibility of laptop and computer is common, but we design it for the mobile users also.
  • We take all low and high budget projects and take them seriously with responsibility.
  • Our adroit staff knows the seriousness of deadlines and does everything possible to deliver it on time.
  • Right from the start to finish, we keep our clients updated about each step so that everything remains in order with client’s consent.
  • And, when we say that we deliver the best, we mean it as we work for it.
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