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Best SEO Company in India

Marketing has taken giant leaps in the last decade. The importance of being ever present on the internet has taken companies by storm. In this digital era, companies have to maintain their online presence. The trend of SEO is on the rise. But what exactly is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. The main function of SEO is to improve the ranking of your website on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

LoginAT Solutions is your one stop solution for all your business needs. LoginAt solutions specializes in content development, digital marketing, website designing, pay per click campaigns, and social media marketing.

LoginAT Solutions calls their employees solvers. Their out of the box ideas can word wonders for your business. LoginAt Solutions is proficient in designing logos, posters, newspaper, websites, brochures, newsletters and so on. The best part is that they deliver on time. All the work is finalized in one go as they completely understand the needs and requirements of the clients. In other words, they offer the best to your business so as to maintain a long term relationship.

Their vision is to become a global name in the SEO industry. In a very short space of time, LoginAT solutions have become one of the worst SEO companies in India. Now they are eyeing the top of the bunch. Their mission is to deliver on time, best in class, and high quality solutions.

Today’s business runs on trust and hence, trust is the main touch point of LoginAt Solutions. They build relationships with customers, partners, and associates. Customer satisfaction is their top priority and for that, they are ready to travel the farthest of distances. LoginAt solutions deliver to the expectations of the customer. This is the reason that they have become such a big SEO company in India.

Employees are the most valuable asset of a company. LoginAt Solutions believes that their employees are the sole reason of their success. LoginAt Solutions is one of the top SEO companies in India and they have reached this position only because of their employees. Solvers is what they call their employees. These solvers are extremely professional people capable of delivering out of the box business solutions.

Every business has a unique selling proposition. LoginAT Solutions uses that USP and delivers the creative solutions to the clients for their business. LoginAT Solutions is located in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. They have the best infrastructure to support the creative minds. The solutions provided by LoginAT Solutions effect your business in a positive way.

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7 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Work in 2019

Search Engine Optimization is a program which helps a website in the ranking. It’s not that it involves the typical amount of coding, structuring the plot and objects. Its very own syntax and has its own methods and modules. The main science behind this technique is to make sure that how your product page or the website comes top of all the other sites when we search for a particular keyword as per the search by a particular customer according to their need.

Now I just want to make one thing clear to all my readers and I want them to know about the clear perception of a function of SEO. SEO literally has nothing to do with the stuffing of keywords or to have multiple product pages which are to notch up your rankings on the website. There are now several rules and regulation regarding the limitation and amount of ratio for everything. They just boil down and end up being near one common word of – Relevancy! Relevant keywords are the main culprit behind the ranking of your particular page. The mobile-friendly interface and other minimum security features across a particular website to enhance your chances to get your desired results, nonetheless.

To prove our point we’re here to provide you with 7 Advanced SEO techniques 2019, which will help you in ranking your page amidst the best in the business.

Below are all the 7 points just like the days-

 Try to Write Longer Character Descriptions – One of the 7Advanced SEO techniques 2019

Writing long elated snippets for your page surely will help you in the ranking for your page. More importantly, a website fully described in the metadata surely is more capable of attracting lots of dampening customers to your page than a website full of nothing but images and nothing more to provide information to others. Recently, Google also showed some maturity and is now not cutting long descriptions like it earlier used to do.

Now, this is one really the heck of news as Google is rewriting its Meta descriptions of some of its original metadata with a short and other descriptive enough. But there are certain norms too which is to be followed. As long as the metadata does not mean that they can rave on, they are welcome. The content of the product should be immensely meaningful and crisp, and also must include keywords which are often circulated on the internet. Just don’t overexert with your contents by writing too much of content and all going down the drain, just try to make sure you focus on the quality rather than overwhelmed by the quantity.  

Work on Speed Loading – Faster Website Will Help You Win In 2019

 A website is not just a medium to provide information to customers, but also to convey a sense of comfort to the people. They are those resources which help the visitor to find out the exact thing which they are looking for in their life and that too in a short period of time. The lesser the time spent in the process of searching will always come in handy in future. So to make it happen properly the loading time of a webpage should be kept in a proper check. If the loading speed of your website is in mediocre then you may get t experience bounce rates and you also have to compensate it by having to pay the fine.

So to resolve this there are several steps which you need to examining the current speed of the website. You can take help with some of the tools that Google provides. Page speed is one particular insight which helps you in accessing your site’s loading speed and also the website provides you with certain recommendations for the changes which you can implement for the enhancement of the speed. Or else you can find a company that provides quite an affordable SEO services and get the required speed examination done.

Internal Linking is eminent requirement – One of the Most effective among 7Advanced SEO techniques 2019

 The most powerful source to get in touch with the common people all over the world is the “Social Media’, if you’re not relying on this for your marketing strategy, you are lagging behind greatly. Being connected online is quite easy these days, from 10-year old kid to 80-year old adult, all of them are using one or other social media site. Thus, you can say that approximately 90 percent of all types of businesses are using social media as their lead for paid promotions.

Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a large proportion of businesses are using these sites as the platform for their brand recognition by posting ads, quizzes, and blogs. The social media posts can be of great help up to a great extent if the things are done correctly. Every person needs their business to be promoted everywhere, so that he may able to get more viewers for his content and he could easily able to negotiate for a better future

Using the Keywords That Matter

Using a perfect keyword is quite important in this field. As by using a perfect keyword for your content will surely help your sites climb the ladder in the SEO ranking of the page. While developing your page you just have to maintain the ton along with the focus keyword which may come naturally. Targeting keyword is quite important to enhance your business and get you more customers.

When you hire a digital marketing company who offers the services regarding your genre and requirement, then these companies are quite proficient in their line of work. To know more about SEO keywords you can take help from the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and can get updated about the taste of people. You can also analyze the market expedition and can carry out a research in the field. The keyword also helps you in optimizing your page,but the usage of different variations of keywords.

The need for Optimizing the Images

 Now, this is one basic thing which every website needs to get it done. A website with the lack of images surely digs your grave quite deep. It’s just not a picture with thousand words as it attracts thousands of other visitors if the images are optimized in the proper correct way. You should concentrate on optimizing your blog images for your SEO page. There are several hacks which you could use to optimize the images which will automatically help you in the ranking of your page.  

For this purpose, you just don’t have to name an image randomly. Just change the image file name into a more relevant one. You can also provide an ALT text for proper description of your image. The ALT text will be the one which you will see on the page if the image fails to get loaded. Usage of the caption is far more beneficial than the main content of your blog. As, the person just gets attracted to your page by the name itself. WordPress is the solution to the entire problem as you can provide captions with the ALT text through and can add it with the images. Small size images are easy to load due to their loss in data.

Checking the SEO Responsiveness

After doing all the market planning, figuring out business strategies, creating the products and so on, the next thing you should think about to reach out the maximum clarity among the customers is a Website. To me “Website is something that gives any evolving business an appropriate direction.” No matter what you think, your website design is going to be the first ever visiting platform or you can say it would be the first and last impression of your brand that most of the people access SEO is the vital part of generating positive leads. So after the content is all set and done, make sure to check the responsiveness of your SEO. Well the SEO helps in raising the ranking of your website on a search engine based on your most used keywords.When people search those keywords, your website shows up in the top 10 posts, which users click and thus creating the traffic .Eventually, gaining the most hits, you can convert those leads into customers that will increase your sales efficacy

Structured the Database

Now, this is one important feature and the last element of perfect SEO service techniques of 2019 which you could implement along with the others. After making your SEO page functioning, then at the end of the day, you might require to collect the entire database which may help in acknowledging the rate of improvement in our work after adopting above mentioned techniques.

Generally, these databases are the extra source of prospective leads that is accessible to everyone online. It basically maintains the information of customers in an organized way which can be later used for the marketing purpose. When it comes to the high-quality leads, it means the quality more than the quantity. Using the lead databases for creating a large number of leads online is doing the same for you and thus also proves to be a great success. There are various lead databases online such as LinkedIn that provides free registration so that you can connect with more and more people from different fields who might be interested in your products and services. So don’t stop, Go search!!

Does website design really matter in quest of business revenue?

It’s been asked a lot lately, due to the enhancement and the dexterous need for a Website design on your webpage. There are several startups which are getting acknowledged in the market right from their womb. Most of these companies deal in products or offer services just like any other digital marketing company. These newborn companies have a tremendous tenacity to grow, but due to them being new in the market they try to operate with minimum risk in their mind. They don’t want to suffer huge losses right before they start a company, its after-effects are the one which every new young entrepreneur mighty take as a bad omen. Instead of raising the morale of the employees it might de-motivate them and could thus end up hampering a particular business. These companies hire a professional web designing company, who develop their website according to their need. Now we end up in the same place and the question still remains the same. Why website Design Matter in Business Revenue?

Well, as a matter of fact, it does affect the business revenue. There are several repercussions and benefits of a proper website design. To make sure you get the opportunity to avail of all the benefits which are up for the grab, LoginAt Solutions offers you great variants in their Website designing.

Website Designing

 Web designing is an amicable process of designing your home site to that level which attracts new customers for your business. A proper, well decorated and informative tends to attract more masses than a normal website could achieve in a short period of time. A short period of time is also quite important in a long run process, as it gives you insight about the events which could be unfolded in the future. Profoundly, the real objective of a web design is to attract hordes of customers at its disposal. Lots of clients mean flourishing of your business, which increases your overall business revenues and gets you out of your anxiety and cramped up position.

Therefore, the only thing that will help you in this is the Web Designing Services which means the complete package that includes Website Development, Website Designing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Designing and more. However, choosing the right Web Designing Services is quite a task, especially when there are thousands of them.

So to provide you with the best of web designing facility, we at LoginAt Solutions hereby work smartly to accomplish our objective of satisfying our customers and prepare a base to help them in flourishing their business. The deft team of experts working under the banner of our company is highly skilled and contented and is always up for action. Our innovative creation of the site and functional mobile apps speak of your brand and help in maximizing your reach to the digital market. Working in a consultative manner, we take care of all the essentials right from the scratch design, content, images, product marketing strategies, and so on to guide you the right way. For more information related to our web designing function, you can log on to our official website and get all the latest available information.

This Independence Day Get, More Freedom in Web Designing

Web designing is termed as an art of encompassing certain skills and talent at one platform. These skills are frequently used in genre of production and maintenance of a hefty website. Back in 1989 when CERN Tim Berners-Lee first initiated first hypertext loop later known as website, this was termed as the start of a new age regarding the internet technology. In today’s date there are millions of web designing companies who are encompassing and showing their potential in the field of web designing. Each company boasts of a new and unique way of accomplishing their objective of creating a website through certain creative mindset. Let’s take some companies who mainly rely on their graphic designing talent. They try to conquer the market with their overwhelming graphic designs but they do lack in other fields. Website development does not mean decorating the site, it means making the site compatible enough to be used by newbie customers at ease.

Here at LoginAt Solutions. We seek complete satisfaction to our clients in every possible way. We’re highly reputed and respected throughout the market, riding on our immense goodwill and luck for years now. We provide numerous amount services to our clients, who showed gratitude through their healthy feedback. We are competent, reliable, secured, and swift in executing our work at short notice. We follow strict code of conduct and work while following them. Customers are our top most priority and we cannot take risk of hampering their reputation in market, so we gladly work on their prescribed guidelines trying our best to stand on their expectations.


There are certain services which are offered by us in Website development. They are all as follows-

  1. Photography services
  2. Responsive web designing  services
  3. Branding and Strategy
  4. Digital marketing

These services are the main attraction of LoginAt Solutions. We try to bring the best out of these services which in the process tends to satisfy you in the long run. Our company time to time keeps on offering several offers regarding these services to keep on the mood. In the mood of this auspicious day of 15th august, our company this Independence Day has again taken initiative to bring you an offer of a lifetime. The company’s providing flat 15% off on WordPress websites, opening a new realm to access the company in creating a website for you more pocket friendly. The high potential of the company can be assumed by its dedicated and highly skilled employees. We work in team with eminent hunger and passion regarding our onset work. We’re at the pinnacle of success and thus to maintain that status for forever, we’re highly dedicated in our appraisal of work.

So this Independence Day, allow us to get acquainted with you and to exhibit our charismatic hordes of skills on display. We’ll make sure you get the fest to your eyes and a memorable experience working with us. So get in touch with us through call or log on our official website and get a lifetime experience.       

 We wish you all Happy Independence Day!!!!

11 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Lead Generation

Setting up a business is a big deal but to make sure that the business will survive in the marketplace is another big deal. Basically, to make a remarkable presence among the crowd of millions, you should have to come up with the completely new and different revenue streams that will increase your profit now or later. Let’s face it; it is undoubtedly true that we start the business to make millions, basically to cut that minimum wage plan out of our life. Someone quote this correct that “No one will become rich by working 9 to 5 in a closed cubicle”. But to accomplish this saying or to reach out the maximum we have to put in the efforts too.

The key to a great business has always been the customers, still is and always will be. Doesn’t matter if you have the best product line in the world, you have the most appealing website, how much you are spending on the manufacturing, nothing. All that matters is the traffic or Lead Generation. I mean seriously how can someone buy your product if they don’t know about it? You have to make yourself visible or you have to give your audience some reason to look forward to you.

People often struggle with the Lead Generation Process because, with the increasing number, it needs to be qualitative too in order to sell effectively. The high-quality leads are those that can be converted into customers with whom your salespeople can contact, meet and make sales with. Comprehensively, you should have to make constant efforts and evaluation to improve the tactics of lead generation that will help you throughout.

You can hence work on various strategies which will help you in lead generation that will eventually raise your business profit right now.

So let’s get started-

1) Extensive Market Research

Do you know why many of start-up businesses fail in spite of having the best products in the market with an average number of customers? It is because of incomplete knowledge, wrong marketing strategies; lack of experience, and most importantly, no online presence. Research and Development is the core part of any business, company or organization because it lets you keep constantly improving, keeps you updated with the latest trends and carry out major experiments. The importance of market research in the process of lead generation should be taken seriously. The increase of traffic on your website means the increase of potential customers. When we don’t know something completely, the first thing that will help is the “Research Studies”. For example, if we go to buy a chair for our home, we visit a lot of stores, compare prices, and choose different colors to make the right choice, so that we don’t have to pay for it later on.

Get it this way, “Smart Business is the outcome of Smart Decisions” which anyhow leads from the in-depth market analysis. Knowing about the audience, market, and the social platform of that particular business form is the primary step of any startup. Thus, we cannot consider the market analysis as an option but more as a necessity.

But all of this will not happen in a blink of an eye. You constantly have to do efforts and keep promoting your brand with the same strategy that you are doing now. Once you comprehend these things, you can easily channel all your attention to your site, where your customers will get all the answers without even looking for that.

2) Responsive Website Helps in Lead Generation

After doing all the market planning, figuring out business strategies, creating the products and so on, the next thing you should think about to reach out the maximum clarity among the customers is a Website. To me “Website is something that gives any evolving business an appropriate direction.” No matter what you think, your website design is going to be the first ever visiting platform or you can say it would be the first and last impression of your brand that most of the people access.

I mean just think, how many times do you use your phone? Five times? Ten Times? Hundred times? Well, your customers are no different. According to stats, around 340 million people of India’s population use Smartphone which is indeed a massive number. This is why people find it easier to check emails or visit websites through their phones which somewhere calls out for a Responsive Website. By this, we mean that if someone tries to access your website, it should not be clumsy. Of course, no one wanted to waste his time waiting for the content or images to load on their screen and the most prompt and prime reason for this disinterest is the impatient nature of the people when they come online. If your website is not responsive or is not supported by the small media devices, it loses its effectiveness, your money, and your idea of gaining a lot of hits that eventually converts into the potential customers.

Hence, LoginAt Solutions provides the complete solution for the creation of the websites with creative and unique content and appealing design.

3) How To Generate Leads?

So, before knowing about how to generate leads, let’s take a glance at what are the leads actually? Some people refer leads as likes and comments, while some refer it as the potential customers from which the latter is correct. Leads or Customers are those powerful links that will make your brand either go extremely high or miserably low. The Customers who visited your website are named to be as leads because they somehow showed the interest in your products or services by making their contact information available. By constant follow up or providing valuable information, your sales team can build good relations with the clients which not only increase the traffic on your website but also increase your business revenue tremendously.

There are a number of ways to generate the leads out of your website. Some come under online methods and some in offline.

Offline Tactics

  • Publishing relevant information in Newspapers- What was the last advertisement you have seen in the newspaper? Not really remember? Well, it’s pretty much expected. Very less number of people bothers to read the advertisement in the newspaper as there are many of them at a single place. And even if somebody does, it’s not necessary that he will remember it anyway because of the so much tensions going in the mind, fast life, struggle to go for the job and maintaining the family life.

Hypothetically, if we consider that an average person reads the newspaper daily, still he doesn’t read it twice. It’s so unsurprising that a person never reads the same newspaper again which will directly give us an idea about the low frequency that people have seen our advertisement. To justify this statement, according to a study, it is proved that the visual information likes to get retained much more easily in our minds than any other. So if the people haven’t seen the advertisement more than once in the newspaper, how will they retain it?

People are more involved in the technology these days and thus most of the potential clients will visit online sites to search for the particular product or service according to their convenience. But if your target audience is more into reading, this is the perfect way of channelizing your brand.

  • Networking with People at Events- Having a face-to-face meeting always creates an appealing and powerful impact on the people if you really want to impart the first impression and prospects your relationship with them. Conferences, trading events, and big business parties always attract potential clients and thus gives you a great opportunity to connect with such influential people so easily and in a short span of time.

Exhibiting your products and services in these types of environments will get a lot of recognition to you which sooner or later results in making up the interest of the people to know about your brand through constant follow-up after days or weeks.

It is true that Digital strategies or online marketing are totally different aspects of brand recognition and may attract a lot more than the conventional types but still, the historic marketing strategies are still in action.

  • Direct Mail- Sending a mail is not a big deal, everyone is doing the same, but the thing a well-designed letter or postcard can do, a junk mail on the mailing sites will never. I mean who doesn’t love the special treatment or a sweet gesture. And a customer will always feel honored and respected if you will send them the promotional offers or promo codes packed in a well-designed envelope. This method will not only keep you unique from your competitors but also mark a special presence in the heart of your prospects.

Make sure that you hire an experienced and professional graphic designer so that the designing of your mail should be done at the best in order to reinforce your brand identity by capturing the client’s attention. You can also try giving a small gift as a freebie for holding their interest in your brand.

Online Tactics

  • Search Engine OptimizationSEO is the vital part of generating positive leads. If you are not using SEO for this, you are missing out a great opportunity in making your business achieve the heights. But how actually SEO Works?
  • It rises up the ranking of your website on search engine based on your most used keywords
  • When people search those keywords, your website shows up in the top 10 posts, which users click and thus creating the traffic
  • Eventually, gaining the most hits, you can convert those leads into customers that will increase your sales efficacy

If talking more precisely, SEO helps the users to find you online through the improved content and by creating the back links for attracting people right out of the blue.

  • Social Media- The most powerful source to get in touch with the common people all over the world is the “Social Media’, if you’re not relying on this for your marketing strategy, you are lagging behind greatly. Being connected online is quite easy these days, from 10-year old kid to 80-year old adult, all of them are using one or other social media site. Thus you can say that approximately 90 percent of all types of businesses are using social media as their lead for paid promotions.

Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a large proportion of businesses are using these sites as the platform for their brand recognition by posting ads, quizzes, and blogs. The social media posts can be of great help up to a great extent if the things are done correctly. Every business person want to get high data on minimum efforts and that is what you get if you register on social media sites. It lets you connect with more and more people every single hour which automatically puts you in getting the most interested leads or prospects for your business growth and recognition.

  • PPC Marketing- You doesn’t exactly admit it, but you are already familiar with the PPC Marketing. Do you remember those sponsored ads with a yellow label that you see each time when you visit Google for your search? That is called PPC Marketing. It may be generalized as the easiest, most viewed and paid marketing that one can have for his product and service. In this marketing, Advertisers are charged only when a viewer click on the ad and that is why it is called as pay-per-click.

But having a PPC is not enough; you have to manage the PPC Campaigns if you are looking for really good results. And you can do this by:

  • Adding most searched keywords that are relevant to your business growth
  • Modifying the content
  • Boost the efficiency of the landing page

You can learn more about PPC once you get to know the marketing skills and after the in-depth analysis.

4) Direct Engagement- Live Videos And Forums

When it comes to the matter of contacting your clients, you can always go for live sessions and live help centers where your customer sales support are always there to help the clients with their queries in a personalized way rather than the incoherent FAQ’s. Engaging directly with your customers is always a boon to your business because this approach will help your customers to build their trust for your brand which later results to more recognition and more leads.

5) Develop Informative Content

“Content will always remain the king of a successful website”. It is totally ill-logical if we say that it is okay to have the regular content on your page. Content is the real frame of attracting the web traffic and holding on the viewers. The content has to be informative, for example- the 5 page blog doesn’t matter if it doesn’t contain any relevant information. The high-quality content will always attract the viewers.

In the past few years, the demand for the high-quality content has increased to a massive number because of its lead generating capability. Developing the extra-ordinary content is quite a task if you don’t know the basic steps.

  • You should identify the nature of the content your business needs to hold the visitors on your website
  • You should know what people is reading by surveying the online stats
  • Content heading should be appealing which will force the users to click on it
  • Gather all the data and statistics to make your content in-depth
  • A sweet little gesture says a lot and goes a long way. So if you can, do send your clients a Thank You note for their kind support and help.

6) Tap Into Databases

Isn’t it cool that you get 100 relevant leads in a day that all turns into prospective customers? But how is it possible? The Answer is Lead Databases. Now you must be wondering what are Lead Databases? Let me help you.

Generally, these databases are the extra source of prospective leads that is accessible to everyone online. It basically maintains the information of customers in an organized way which can be later used for the marketing purpose. When it comes to the high-quality leads, it means the quality more than the quantity. Using the lead databases for creating a large number of leads online is doing the same for you and thus also proves to be a great success. There are various lead databases online such as LinkedIn that provides free registration so that you can connect with more and more people from different fields who might be interested in your products and services. So don’t stop, go search!!

7) Automate Your Marketing

We’ve heard a lot about Market Automation but at the end of the day we don’t know what exactly does it mean?

Say that Marketing is the most important aspect for your business. Sounds too evident, right? But if you see more closely to the automation reality, you will find it totally on a different page. Marketing Automation refers to software that helps to manage the repetitive sending of relevant messages, e-mails, and social activities to the customers for generating more prospects or potential leads. The technology used for automation process makes the process much easier than the voluntarily executed approach. Also, this marketing not only generates leads but brings great revenue for the company in a short time.

According to my experience, “Drip” is one of the most finest and popular automation applications that will help you in creating e-mails and messages with a proper guidance to convert leads into customers.

8) Arrange Contests And Quiz On Your Blog

Quizzes can generate a great number of leads if they are designed to be interactive and entertaining. To draw a lot more attention of the readers so that they can give an immediate feedback to your post, you should post a quiz to your blog. Connecting with your audience this way will not only let you generate leads but also helps you to build a strong relationship in the long term.

There is a free tool called QuizBuilder that helps you create a quiz in a few easy steps and publish it on your blog.

9) Landing Pages.

Among all the effective methods of Lead Generation, Landing pages marked their own specific identity to attract the authentic leads for your business. Creating a good landing page means that you should not confuse your clients when they are visiting your website. For example- Suppose the client is trying to get the product information, but he landed on to the digital marketing page, now think by yourself, isn’t it infuriating?

First Impression is the Last Impression; this phrase is no truer if you don’t create a well-defined landing page for your website. We like what we see and thus if your landing page is not effective or creative no one is going to spend more than 10 seconds on your webpage. Say if your website lacks the landing page, it will going to affect your brand identity, social media presence, and the way you attract the customers and convert leads. Now if you have a landing page but it is not that effective, you can always use progressive approaches.

How and Why Landing Page generate Leads? – The Progressive approaches such as a “Candidature form” that every visitor has to fill for a new registration or to visit the complete website. This technique will reduce the number of duplicate leads and you will get more valuable information of the clients. And the best part of this approach only attracts those potential clients who are actually searching for the solution for their query that probably fit with what you are offering.

10) Cold Calling and Cold Mailing

Sending Cold e-mails to complete strangers sounds weird. But it is the easiest way to connect people in a rigid or personalized way. All of us receive hundreds of mails daily that automatically go to the trash but still once in a while we make a look on them. Likewise, if you proceed this way of connecting people out there it will generate some leads in a week or month.

On the other hand, Cold Calling means contacting the prospective customers through phone calls. This way of generating leads might not be very popular but it is an easiest and efficient way of getting the immediate feedback of the customers. Cold calling is thus prefer by many sales professional as the convenient way of connecting new prospects. To facilitate this type of calling, they use Internet calling service (VoIP) as the calling medium as it provides unlimited calling to anywhere in the world and is 70%cheapest as compared to the traditional calling systems.

11) Ask For Referrals

Your happy customers can be turned into promoters! Have you ever think of that? If not, then start thinking about this too. Every time you visit to your client for promotional offers, freebies, or for delivering their ordered product, you can always ask them for a little help in generating more business. Referrals are said to be very effective. But how can you implement this in the right way in real life? Let’s see:

  • Instruct your sales team to get a regular feedback of your customer to know if he is happy with the service or not.
  • To get in touch with your client, either ping him on phone or e-mail him to make the conversation go forward.
  • Always thank you customer for giving the feedback and build your trust of taking care of your client’s needs in future.
  • Politely ask them for other contacts that he thinks may be interested in your products or services.
  • Get all the details of the referral client with a suitable time to call and a little about their chances of interest.

Now If You”Re Here

LoginAt Solutions is one of the leading Website Designing Company that has its expertise in providing cost-effective and creative solutions for the business development and growth.  If you are a beginner and are struggling to promote your brand, then this is the right place for you. Our highly professional and experienced team helps in designing your web page, creating the unique content and generates leads with the most effective methods.

Also, with these services we focus on something more unlike other companies:

  • We believe in quality rather than quantity.
  • We believe that the “Good Content is the King”, therefore we employ the best content writers that will attract the viewers and turned them into customers.
  • The loading time of the website is always low so that your viewers don’t have to wait.
  • The accessibility of laptop and computer is common, but we design it for the mobile users also.
  • We take all low and high budget projects and take them seriously with responsibility.
  • Our adroit staff knows the seriousness of deadlines and does everything possible to deliver it on time.
  • Right from the start to finish, we keep our clients updated about each step so that everything remains in order with client’s consent.
  • And, when we say that we deliver the best, we mean it as we work for it.

Local Business Vs Website knows which option offers better audience reach

Today, the majority of startup business owner has to encountered numbers of challenges throughout the course in order to stand apart from others. However, creating a startup is not at all an easy task to take forward with such massive challenges. Although it’s universal fact, every owner has to go through difficulties some might stick on hiring potential talent, while others are having to find the right technology that can match up their needs, Whatever the level of difficulties, at one edge they all lie on the same platform-concern for expanding client network. Obviously, if you are running a business whether you have the entered the industry for the first time or a seasoned expert and still you don’t have a client’s network, that’s means you’re not generating any sales.

Unfortunately, the majority of new businesses ultimately ends up within the first few years and the reason behind such failure is proficiency in marketing strategy which bring inability to generate a sufficient profit. And nothing seems worse than lack of client’s and which put you at risk for losing not just the sales but control over the market. To make the world know your existence, it’s become a necessity for your business or organization to take some initiative to attract new business opportunities and retain the trust of a client’s for you. So, the question arises, what’s the most cost-effective initiative to take for promoting your business on a large scale worldwide? Or what boost the capability of businesses from being profitable in the first place? May the answer will echo “A website”

Your Questions, Our answers

Why should I have a website?
Imagine, what if consumers find you on their own, what if they know everything about your business in advance and what you can offer to make them find a lucrative deal? Feeling quite interesting right! Yes, it is. Believe it or not, 90% of people prefer to go online and detailed investigation over the internet before purchasing any product or service to examine the credibility of the company first. By building a website you are giving your business the opportunity to tell your web visitors what special you can do for their service and why they should trust you.

In short, website act as your hub, which takes the shape of your presentation skills to influence the mind of the audience for your business. Its credibility will make you capable to connect with distant people also that you might not otherwise be able to reach from all over the world. With your online presence in such big platform your word of mouth about your business specialty likely to spread overseas. Before ramping up a big traffic campaign, you need to build a website of the professional Web designing service provider in India. But without a credible website, generating more revenue not just difficult impossible too!

How can a website make me feel special?
● Development of the website is alternative for repetition of existing and new clients. Being visible worldwide means:
● Your website is accessible 24/7/365- that simply means your website is operational round the clock for your customers and clients as they can easily access your website and services at their own pace.
● Make it convenient for interested customers to track your location with the support of detailed roadmap on your website with a complete transportation report and their stoppage make things quite easier.
● Save the bulk of your precious time by having a separate section on your site that frequent answers to all inquiries posted by the potential web visitors and give them surety on your behalf.

Will it cost more than my investment?
Rather than losing your reputation in the industry, it’s better to ask will it cost more than my investment or reputation? A strategically developed website provides tremendous benefits and costing outlines with a cost-effective mode, which will not be going to burn a hole in your pocket. The cost structure of website may vary slightly depending on your needs and requirements for site how you want your site to look like.

If you have a business and don’t have a website, trust me, you are seriously losing great deals for your business. A website itself accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow worldwide where you’re likely to gain more clients. The more customers and visitors you get, the more sales your business will generate. The more sales business generates the happier you and your customers will be!

To beat every challenge, it is very imperative for every range of business to have an online presence with a responsive website. So, why take further time to have a web presence. Make the most of your online strategy with our complimentary web designing services in India.

10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 to Get Better Website Ranking

Did you find this blog post of mine via search engine? If it is so, that means my SEO techniques really worked to make my every single post visible and live among audiences to get doubled my page traffic. No wonder millions of people starts of their day with a search engine, which highlight that front page of any search engine can play a role of the deciding factor that can majorly influence customers buying decision after expanding your brand awareness on such big platform. Once your website begins to reflect in the Google ranking, you’ll get more visibility and your product’s services tend to get more attention of visitors. This means more traffic, more conversions, and eventually generates more revenue for your business.

Staying on top of SEO takes a lot of research and understanding of adapting which handful techniques suits best for your site to match up the needs of SEO tactics. But with so many SEO techniques, it’s become almost impossible to decide which ones to stick to for the upcoming year and which one can safely ignore. In this post, let’s break down some crucial trends you should be prepared for 2018 that will help you out to steal your business from your competition.

Here, we have listed down 10 advanced SEO techniques that you can implement right away to increase your search traffic for 2018. Getting more visitors should help you convert more people into customers too.

1. Conduct a Local SEO Audit

To remain active in the list of Google search engines, you need to audit your website regularly. In the SEO world, stay updated with all the latest techniques is becoming mandatory in order to figure out where you stand in the Google ranking and how you could make smarter decisions for the future. Site audit in this regard is the truly effective master plan of SEO experts to target all the local search users and hit their attention globally. This technique will closely inspect your overall site performance, setting new objectives based on what you drive and implementing tactics to reach those objectives.

2. Create the Pages According to the user needs

Auditing is the step which helps you to uncover what’s wrong with your site or page and what areas you are lacking and ultimately helps you to maximize your profits by utilizing the best use of the content. If you are serious about your online presence, making sure your web pages doing well locally and local search, users can easily find your search results only then you will be able to mark your presence worldwide. Always strive your focus for targeted customer’s need.

Are you sure you are actually hitting those points in your content which your audience looking for? Are you sure that you have an audience of customers that want exactly what you’ve built? How do you make sure that whatever meal you are serving in your budget to your targeted customers they will go to like it. Obviously, if people don’t find something interesting on your site, why would they want to waste their quality time for you? Until unless you don’t about your audience likes and dislikes you won’t be able to retain their attention for a longer period. When you get aware of their likings you can serve them their favorite dish. Beyond getting SEO lucrative benefits, you need to streamline your focus on what your audience looking for you. You can also draw their opinion of your site that can suggest you what you are lacking from their point of view and their opinion will also add on plus point for web pages.

3. Google Loves SEO friendly Pages – Build Pages Accordingly

If your web page dealing with abandonment issues as your landing page bounce rate brings down ineffective PPC campaigns? Don’t know how to fix this issue? Don’t need to worry anymore. A well designed, functional landing pages can improve your lead generation and drive maximize traffic The more attractive landing pages you create comes out of Pay Per Click (PPC), the more opportunity you open up for incoming search traffic. 

4. 262 Million Mobile Internet User in India So, Build Mobile friendly websites.

Mobile visibility has nowadays become a vital factor for online real world as people become more habitual of browsing the internet using their smartphones. Many of you might notice that there are certain things that people search on smartphones but never on desktops. And this usually the case when the query works better or only works on a smartphone as opposed to a desktop. As a result over 60% of search engines now perform on a handy device which make it’s more important than ever now a to convert websites to mobile friendly websites. So, that your presence can reach in the hands of the maximum number of visitors. Designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices.

Make sure visitors have a good experience on your site when they’re visiting your site from their mobile devices! Don’t make it a hassle one as this will add negative impact for your site and customer’s never return to you.

5. An Info graphic can increase site traffic and improve its appearance
Internet is in itself a visual platform and audience likes to absorb info graphic information on the site than just a long text article. Select a topic and put together some statistics on it and make use of some appealing design to comb all the info that can hold the attention of the reader to the niche topic of your site as readers are in a habit of scrolling for latest information and news and this way your web page would able to gain more than a few new site readers. Therefore, info graphics have the potential to reach millions of visitors and keep them engaged with your content.

A visual representation of an interesting topic is the most efficient way to present information than long paragraphs of text. Readers like to grab your info graphic information quickly as they find it more interesting, absorb the information and will definitely stay a bit longer to check out what else you have to convey to them, or may bookmark your site for later purposes. Always noted that readers of a site are more likely to share info graphic information via email or private message as well as they finds it convenient fact to share with others.

6. Create content for Google’s Rankbrain

Google and similar search engines are becoming much smarter and advanced now. Hence, there is no more mean to rely solely on traditional SEO strategies. SEO tactics asks to become more wise by utilizing the Google third highest ranking algorithm Rankbrain. Being an artificial intelligence system this algorithm has indeed revolutionized the way the search-engine understands the complex queries and determines that you want the particular option based on thousands of other searches performed by people for the same term or phrase. All in all rankbrain helps to get connected with the relevant result.

“If you can optimize your content for Google Rankbrain, you have marked a remarkable position in SERPs. “

7. Publish informative and detailed content over 1,800 + words

Backlink analyzed that average first page search result was 1800+ words which generate big returns in organic search traffic. On survey, it is also discussed that we are in the era of “age of skimming” and readers won’t like to read a longer article. Anything too long will get stuck in the tail, deer trap. Although many SEO experts do believe that the content length isn’t everything. A shorter post with higher quality will still outperform a longer, low-quality post. Making it more unique and interesting to humans and Google is important as a page is likely to display in search results. Don’t fluff up your page to meet a word-count requirement. Long post with a maximum of 1800 word count will rank more easily because of Google will take up your long tail variants of keywords to turn up in every search results. Make sure that your blog post is nicely structured and contained all the detailed information of topic you have chosen to divert the attention of the reader and make it interesting to read and share with others.

8. Create an expert roundup post

A well executed roundup post can put your content on the map and it is considered to be effective SEO tools to reach out to the movers and shakers in your niche expertise. Readers love expert roundups as they get insights of some of the industry’s most respected people all in one place. Not only it drives different viewpoints of experts into your article, but also helps to grow your SEO rankings and traffic by allowing your website to get to reach in front of lots of new audiences.

9. Post informative content on social media

Posting interesting content from a wide variety of categories assures that you’ll delight your current fans, while attracting millions of new ones! However, If your blog is new, it can be difficult to perform well in Google search results for high volume keywords search because your domain and Page Authority are still very low. That’s why social media platforms considered to be the most lucrative option in order to gain credibility and high volume of traffic. Social media is in trend nowadays where 90% of revenue can generate itself. Connect your audience attention on social media is a great way to build that community of fans for your brand by sharing spontaneously amazing content related to your object.

10. Improve Google ranking with the Link Juice

If your web page reflects on 2 or 3rd page of google search results, it helps to enhance your overall trustworthiness in Google’s perception when you link to high authority sites. This tool shows very clearly how much PageRank link juice flows through each link on the site, and then compare that to how much link juice would flow if the number of links were reduced to 100 links. It creates a positive ranking factor for your site that a link passes from one page to the next via number of external and internal links pointing back to a website.

These advanced SEO techniques 2018  may not be the easiest tool to implement right away without having expertise in this sector– they certainly require more efforts than ordinary keyword research and link building. But following these hard core strategies can guarantee double your web search traffic, especially when you combine these tactics with storytelling principles when crafting interesting content. Remember the concern of the person on the other side of the screen and do accordingly for what they exactly want from you. SEO success is all about rendering useful and creative content to your targeted audience so have a niche for this concern. The above tips get you well on your way to optimize your site’s on-page aspects.

Top 9 Advanced Blogging Tips 2018 That Stand You Unique From Others

 Every blogger needs some inspiration, guidance, and direction of an idol who can guide them how to excel in that particular field. For many years blogs have been considered as an essential marketing tool that most of the blogger use as a ladder to take steps towards success. Simply writing down on any given topic to finish your work on deadline doesn’t take your blog among the high rises which many bloggers usually expect through their skills. Unless the content of the blog is not a unique or tending blog is a total waste. The more interesting content you keep on your Blog – the more traffic you generate and in result more revenue you can make. To establish trust in the heart of the reader is a challenging task for bloggers which they face. To attain the attention of the reader, it’s very important for you to think like a reader first, what they expect from a blogger and read your content like an audience of your blog. Therefore, it is important for bloggers to spread their creativity beyond their thinking skills to capture the attention of their targeted audience.

To make you stand unique from other bloggers there are certainly advanced blogging tips that you need to keep in mind which will give you fruitful results in the end

Content is the success key of blogging. Write heading of the content so unique and different which force the reader to visit your blog and read the whole blog. Present an attractive and eye catchy heading to your readers, which they find interested. Figure out what your readers like to read like which type of content they prefer to read. The survival of a blog depends on its heading as this is the first step which decides how long your blog going to exist. If your reader finds something spicy in the heading of your content then only they take an initiative to read the blog and like it or share it with their friends. Therefore, take your time while thinking for your next heading which you will go to showcase in front of your readers. Stay updated on current issues related to winning the online market, which bookmarks your strong presence in the blogging world.

Give your content, your essence doesn’t write other words or copy their words, this will give a negative impact every person has its own thinking and perception which makes him different from other. And this is your strength your own thinking can bring revolution in the heart and mind of your readers. Present your style of writing without having fear of criticism. And make sure that the content you deliver must syncs up with the searching keywords of consumers

1) Be a solver

Your words should have the power that can solve the confusion and perception of your reader on a particular topic. If they are facing any problem for long or anything that disturbs them, then your creative thinking and words can solve all those things once your words touch their heart which brings transformation in their life.

2) Smartly Choose Appropriate Keywords Before Start Working On Writing Blogs

Keywords set a foundation of interest in the eye of your readers and also point out those keywords that you might miss out on your content which might prove to be useful for you later. Having an appropriate keywords research also ensure the top ranking of your blog in search engines by analyzing your competitor’s keywords which they are ranking for and make your content niche among all. In order to compete in the top ranking for SEO, you need to target all the relevant keywords which worth same value as of the quality of your content. Here are a few suggestions that might help you to figure out the smart keywords that will optimize your whole blog like you should be aware for whom you are writing your blog, what is the topic, If you utilize all the answers of these question, you win the half of the battle and rank in topmost position in search engines. A well-experienced blogger has been recognized from the crowd of millions of bloggers when put his focus in targeting all those specific keywords specifically which rank good amount of search volume per month and in result generate maximum traffic for their blog with less competition.

In fact, there are quite a few great tools, for keyword research which guides you to follow this process to drive immense traffic to your blog by the use of following essential tool-

2.1 ) Use Google Keywords Planner

As the name suggests this tool is an official product delivered by Google itself, which focuses its entire strength on giving an estimation of traffic of your targeted keywords. Based on your knowledge type a relevant keyword for your topic and in the result, it shows you the relevant topic globally and locally searches. Most advantageously, it is a free tool provided by Google to give the bulk of information when it comes to searching for the appropriate keyword for your blogs or articles.

2.2) Ideal use of KWFinder

This is the only tool which highlights the exact and accurate number of searches for one word or more than one-word keyword and in the result; it shows the trustable number of search volumes. Also, this tool is considered to be more precise as compared to other tools and popularly known as a strong alternative of Google keywords planner. And by the end, the revenue actually generates only when you are getting targeted traffic. Isn’t it? And the use of KWFinder always withstands impartial across various search engines.

3) Book a domain name

This is the most interesting and crucial step to build credibility around your blog which enhances the content of your blog. Your domain name described the whole story of your reputation. In short, more than a name, it works as your goodwill which you always want to be positive. So, while choosing for your domain name always work on for short and eye catchy name which is quite easy to type as well as always murmured in the mouth of every viewer. Your domain name should be like easy to remember always remain in the mouth of the viewer which ultimately result in your generation of traffic. Most importantly, ranking of Alexa and other ranking engines are directly associated with the domain name. So the bottom line is that always pick a unique and short domain name that you can give a good start.

4) Analysis the competitor

There is a popular saying that keeps your best friends close to you and your enemies much closer to your heart and mind. If you want to beat the competition and to shine among your competitors, it’s very important to rise above them by analyzing their strength and weakness which can prove to be beneficial for you.

Look down some tools that will help you to analyze your competitor’s blogs-

4.1)  SpyFu

In the present competitive scenario, stand one step forward, then your competitors add a bonus point to your name. And SpyFu leads you to take that single step above your competitors and let you know the exact keywords your competitors striving hard on. It acts as a keyword spy tool which keeps its keen eyes on spies for both your competitors and Google Adwords campaign keywords and points out those keywords which cost high demand per clicks. Beneficiary usage of this tool helps you to raise above all your competitors on the search engines and let you experience an increment in a number of audiences for your site.

4.2)  Open Site Explorer

To conduct competitive spying on your competitor’s keyword research, SERP analysis, and to check backlink of their site. Open Site Explorer is a tool that club the quality of backlinks of competitors which matter a lot to Google to give you a high page rank.

5) Plan of action

Blog writing is one of the best ways to attract visitors to land their presence on your web page and aware them of your brand’s unique status. Write a blog post with a good call to action and comment box, usage of different social media channels is the first step in creating a successful blog content plan which should need to be put into action…

5.1) Social Media Channels

Always remember that just by having a high rank on search engines always clear your way does to survive tough competition. Promotion of your business plays the last and final winning role for the success of your business. Being an interactive platform social media always add four-star and perks to business in which every information and content shared to bring massive traffic to your content. Promoting your blog on different online mode like facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr are one of the trendiest ways to get trillions of people to see your blog posts instantly. This is the best platform to get desired eyes on your blog, and it’s this reason which has the power to generate or can say revolutionize the number of followers for your site which you have never experienced earlier. The more you post your blog, the more people will see and the more audience you get. You can also encourage your reader to contribute their thoughts on this particular topic you have shared with them by adding their  comment which keeps their interest add-on for your blog

5.2) Email Marketing

You might write the most heart touching blog on a particular topic, but what happens if nobody is aware of your blog or nobody read it so this is the time to add a touch of Email marketing to your business. This is considered as the most revolutionary online marketing tactic that lay a bridge of communication between sender and receiver. Email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with the existing as well as to the potential customer to get attention from the bulk viewers while mentioning your URL.Therefore, promotion of your content with the use of bulk email is the most powerful way of getting the attention of valuable visitors.

5.3) SEO

It’s quite common every writer is the hunger for his readers and followers which appreciate his writing. To develop your blog acceptance from millions of viewers SEO marketing strategy play a crucial role by block those sites which carry keyword spamming and suggest the measures to overcome from the situation. This proven cutting-edge technique requires a sound knowledge of SEO writing builds your followers to enhance your business by showing your keen interest to help your target market.

6) Creative and Unique content

As much as your content is creative and unique the more interest your viewers will generate for your articles or blogs. Repetition of the same kind of content always symbolizes the boredom in your thoughts. A content is always called unique and creative which has the optimum usage of specific keywords which is unique to build trust among readers as well as to the web visitors that benefit the site in attaining the desired ranking. Not to forget writing creative and interesting content makes audiences love your topic and indirectly give a positive attitude towards your brand. In short, your content helps you to hold your viewers longer, with your updated content.

6.1) Retain the interest of customers for your content is possible with the use of Graphics

Graphics add a visual impact on the eye of viewers which itself speak your words, thoughts, and imagination. Usage of graphics helps the writers to strengthen the attractiveness of their blog interestingly and simultaneously get their content spread across to potential buyers. People now find it much comfortable to grab the information if it present to them in visually creative and artistic way by the use of graphics relative to your information.

6.2) Video

In today’s modern world, the video leaves a strong impact in the mind of viewers if they find it relevant according to their interest.  It is evidenced that more information has been popped across the net which has been shared with a relevant video which passes the same information as your content denotes to them. Adding up a video in your blog on a daily basis is going to attract the search engines to crawl your content giving you much higher search engine ranking.

6.3) Use of Statistics

To make your blog stand out use your information statistically apart from using headers, videos, and other visual tools to make your blog get noticed and remembered. This will keep the interest of visitors in data and enable them to grab the information easily and compare it with other and share the same information with their colleague, friends or relatives. As a result search engines easily recognize that your blog is a resource with tons of information for people to grab.

7) Don’t afraid to share your content

Content writers is a man of freedom, full of wisdom thoughts, whatever he is thinking in his mind he should have the courage to write it on spot and post it. The more you post your content, the more traffic your content will experience this is simply because search engines are grabbing your compelling content more frequently. If you truly want to advertise yourself by your writing style over the different platforms so you should never be afraid of sharing your content with people just because they might going to troll you. Always assume that distribution is the queen of your content more you expand more your kingdom will increases. So start sharing your to reach a wider audience.

8) Be regular

The simplest criteria to make your personal space in the heart of your followers make posting as your habit, get used too of this. If you do post on regular basis, the more attention you will get and more TRP you will gain which in result increase the engagement of your customer’s for your blogs. Be active while posting your content and try to post at least 2 posts once in weak to increase its visibility and let the viewers feel your presence.

9) Hire Dedicated Resources

For newbies, it is obvious that more professional you are in writing content more you will get to know your audience. Hiring a dedicated resource is must to have to make it worldwide famous and attain maximum traffic for your content. With the assistance of dedicated personnel, more chances are off to drive bulk audience instantly who will subscribe to your blog.

So, these are the few tricks of making your blog a complete game changer. Hopefully, above given tips will help you to do successful blogging with the niche of presentation of your blog.

Website Development Gives Your Business a Unique Presence over the World

Is your business is limited to the only local area? Do you want to expand the presence of your business all over the world? Do you wish that your business create a buzz in the industry by grabbing the attention of trillions of viewers? If you are curious to get all these sparkling things actually happen to your business then the development of a business website is the mantra that can spread your business worldwide in the least possible time and efficient manner. In the present era, website development has gained enormous popularity in regard to increasing business visibility, user accessibility, sales performance and profit.


But the major concern arises, how this will actually happen in reality? Well, this will be possible with the assistance of a web developer. Now the question arises why there is a need of hiring a web developer? As a creation of a dynamic website with all latest web applications assumes to be a hard nut to crack that’s why it calls for a talented and professional web developer. In the era of competition, development of business website has become a crucial task for every business corporation to attract more customers and to surpass the competitors. Each business has some different essence and brand value and to operate them from competitors a web page is created which differentiate them with others. This is the point where a developer showcases his talent by understanding the need of your business and then evaluates it deeply to make sure that everything on the website is lined up perfectly in order to convert the website visitors to your potential customers.


This is why development of a website is demandable that add plus point to your business growth. In other words, your business website generates a promotional campaigning for your business and draws the attention of web visitors. Not ended here, the website contains the whole information about your business and its products or services which your client’s or web visitors can see it itself. It also contains detailed information of business location and their testimonials which can build trust among clients to connect with you without any hesitance. So in this way, your business gets noticed among trillions of people living in different parts of the world.


With the rise of competition in the industry getting high rankings in different search engines bring unshakable profits and this is the responsibility of a dedicated web developer to make sure that your website generates maximum traffic by improving the authenticity of the website on a daily basis. Activeness of the website is the major driving power behind achieving a top ranking position in search engine. Advanced functionalities of your website enable you to gain a competitive edge that will surely surpass your competitors. The website will construct a lay of a strong foundation for your business presence in the online world. And the developer allows your business to reach targeted customers and make it accessible all over the world with comfort.


When your site has such advanced features, this will allow customers to have faith over your business and this way you will be able to attract more visitors to the site each day. In short, development of your website will exceed the mark of your expectation in giving customers a pleasant and friendly experience while they visit your site.

Top 20 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools and Tricks for the Year 2018

SEO Confidential Tricks to Optimize Your Website Ranking In 2018

Are you looking for establishing your own business identity and leaving its footprint in the mind of web visitors? Or if you are striving hard to attract traffic to your website but can’t reach out to that much expectation. Then this is high time to think about reliable SEO tools that can surely optimize your website ranking without violating the Google guidelines. SEO tools now become the treasure tool for internet marketer’s without which reaching top rank almost looks like a dream. In short, well-designed website, with beautiful graphics and loads of related content or information will be of no use for if it is not marketed online efficiently to generate tons of traffic. Apart from manual labor, Quality Search Engine Optimization tool work as a magical brush to get the desired spot on top of search results.

Let’s dig out Top 20 free magical SEO tool that will hit the 2018 online industry and can also work out in your favor to optimize your business ranking”


1.) SEMRush– This tool is one of the secret ingredients behind the success of conventional marketing of an online business website as it carries out competitive analysis for keywords contained in the website with unlimited access to analytical data. The most powerful aspect of this tool is that it keeps spying on your competitors every single movement right from their website’s traffic, targeted keywords & work as a strategic tool that works for your website favorably. On its plus side features, SEMRush add-on it’s treasure with keyword tracking, competitor analysis, site audit, backlink analysis, to help you get a number1 position in the google ranking. The fun part of this tool begins when it derives the search from which part of the country your bulk of the audience is coming or getting from. Also protect the website in advance by analyzing the status of many critical issues like broken links, warnings, errors, and status of crawled pages. To beat the competition in the online world, SEMRush is the only tool that converts your web visitors into potential clients.

Similar Web

2.) Similar Web– To set a Benchmark against your competitors and to generate worthwhile leads, similar web tool leaves no stone unturned to increase the visibility of your Website with its value-added benefit. With the guidance of this tool, know how well your site is actually doing in terms of overall visits, bounce rate, number of visitors as compared to your competitor’s website performance. An interesting element of this tool is realized when it gives an insight report of your competitors website their source through which they receive traffic and what made them receive such amount of traffic. In short, it gives a transparent image of your position to your competitors and enables you to cut down the competition.

Seo Optimizer

3.)Seoptimer– Seoptimer is a freemium SEO auditing tool that is available for highlighting critical error shown in your website’s by investigating the given URL page. It acts as an adviser that recommend what you should do to improve your website’s search rankings. What else one would need if a tool itself point out the error and also recommend the measures to rectify it, it seems like gold is shining itself without burning in fire. This free SEO tool quickly analyzes any site, simply by entering a URL into the website’s main page. Seoptimer is an ideal strategy, one can utilize in order to improve SEO ranking.

4.) SEOquake– SEOquake tools have become web marketer’s x-ray visionary eye without which technical on-page issues affecting SEO ranking can’t be analyzed. This tool is a gateway to the online marketer for conducting their research on keywords. It is an interesting tool that provides on-spot information in-page as you browse a link partner and diagnose the other influencing parameters with its deeper insights that affect SEO ranking. This is hands down the preferential tool for the webmaster for comparing domain and URL’s strength and various other indexes that have the enough capabilities to rank up your business.


5.) Google Webmaster / Google Search Console– This is another most popular marketing tool which has all the essential perks that ensure a healthy error-free website with maximum traffic. As the name depicts, it is the master experts tool provided by Google itself,which has the efficient capabilities to judge the in-depth criteria of Google working that on what basis Google ranks your website, which no other tool can judge. This tool prioritizes the SEO working by reducing the analysis time and diagnose the status of websites with a detailed report of Crawling Error, Indexing, Cache, Sitemap Uploading etc. In short, it is a must to have tool for every link builder in order to adjust the crawl rate, check the keywords land on your site, also looked into your site’s statistics, and much more. This is proven to be a valuable instrument for website development for notching the top ranking for sure. 

Google Analytics

6.) Google Analytics– It is used by millions of developer and is considered to be the most reliable tool to run your SEO in a cost-effective way. This is the only tool that works towards building an interaction source of a medium between your site and web visitors by analyzing the times of their visits to check the traffic generated by the keywords used to your site and identify where you stand for them in  keywords ranking. Generation of traffic in websites is the best way to examine whether the tool is actually set efficiently for analyzing the website’s visitors and traffic report of the audience. It goes without saying that until you can’t measure the number of visitors on your site till then you will not be able to win the online market.

Google PageSpeed Insights

7.)Google PageSpeed Insights– What else be the advantageous option than let google to perform in favor of your website’s by highlight all the factors which are responsible for bringing your website’s speed down. With the advancement of technology, everything goes beyond its limits the same thing justify for website’s boundaries as it does not end up with one or two pages or with limited graphics. To attract a large number of visitors it is very important to optimize SEO presentation with User-Interface, Sidebar configuration, Interlinking, Customizing Menus, Newsletter integration, Subscribers List, subscription forms and too many more features. Installing of all this feature might create loading of your web-page which gives negative impression in the eye of the visitor or might they prefer not to visit your site again. But with the Google PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service, not only y provide your visitor an excellent smooth browsing experience but also rewards it with best Google ranking position.


8.) Alexa– Alexa is considered to be the most luxurious tool if talking about SEO tools. It is in itself a combo of all tools or can say the father of every other SEO tools. Many SEO drivers find it as an opportunity which accurately accesses critical information about their websites and that of their competitors. Being a subsidiary tool of Amazon, this tool is very useful for avoiding competition from your competitors by improving the performance of your websites, boost your visibility, and rank high in the search engine results page. Alexa delivers a platform to spy on the movement of your competitors where they are ranking on google search engines and what made them grab that position. Utilising that advantage create sure shot SEO strategies to boost your SEO techniques and reach out its presence among more people that take your business way ahead than your competitors.

Google Keywords Planner

9.) Google Keywords Planner– This tool heavily oriented towards browser search history and serve a useful resource which helps you to know about those keywords people are searching or typing into google search box. Being a content creation tool of Google, it will give you a clear list of keywords for building strong keyword ideas which help to estimate competitive bid which will take your promotional campaign to next level. The Google Keyword Planner Tool helps you to stay unique with your creative idea and identify most popular bidding terms, phrases, or words which potential visitors are searching for related to your business and convert those visitors into your potential customers.

 Google Tag Manager-

10.) Google Tag Manager– The powerful tool for strategies SEO improvement in website ` is the use of Google Tag Manager to replace the complicated-coded tags with some dynamic tags which are easy to implement on site. This is a great tool for marketers which has provide more precise data along with the usage of multiple tags. It gives an access to tag managers to update their site from time to time with this advanced tool and, let the whole team focus on other important areas. So, If you are striving for a coordinated way to organize your varied tags, be sure to check out the Google Tag Manager to save your tons of time for customizing those data that gets reported to Google Analytics.

Schema Markup

11.) Schema Markup – Schema Markup tool is a gem for the search engine to grab the full information about the website for a better understanding of your Web pages content. With proper implementation of this tool can bring a competitive advantage for your site by improving your click-through rate(CTR) and organic search result. This is the only tool which has the enough potential to kill two birds with one stone by giving a user-friendly experience in which users can analyze what a website is all about which helps the website rank better for all kinds of content types. All in all, this tool workout as a business card which delivers detailed information related to the business like where it has been located, what they do, how much product or service costs, plus plenty of other stuff.