Common website design errors that will have readers running for the hills

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Common website design errors that will have readers running for the hills

Web design is a form of art and its function in a way that makes a website enjoyable, navigable, interesting and usable. It is the most powerful tool that can make your business more productive and profitable. Having your own website is the most lucrative way to attract customers, expand market and increase sales.

Internet is considered to be the most economical place for those individuals who want to explore their product or services on a pan India level. Even now the internet users are so advanced and educated that they don’t want their precious time to get wasted hence, keeping this in mind it become necessary to designed to website considering the things that is acceptable and easily grab by the users.

Having a poor site cause negative impression in the eye of users and cause. Many small business owners design their own websites to save money and have more control over the project. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t truly understand the concepts of good web design, leading to a website that’s less than ideal. Unfortunately, this is an alarming situation for such business owner.

Don’t be that website. Here are some most common web design mistakes that most owners often make and proved to be the biggest blunder and should not even be committed.

Long blocks of text and too many images- Websites with tons of images, text and other things, going on take a load which will confuse your visitors. Crowded website is never a good thing. Putting so many things on one page, no one is going to read all that and make them boring. Most importantly web visitors don’t like to scroll. Keep the images minimum and relevant anything extra puts your website at risk of being too slow, and visitors will abandon your site. Irrelevant images will only confuse your readers, making them wonder what you’re trying to convey. Crowded website is never a good thing.

Bad Navigation- It is considered as the worst mistake which can’t be acceptable. Navigation issue will kill your website’s popularity. If the navigation bar is poorly arranged, too small to read, too big to fit in one line, or anything else then it need to be fixed. Choosing the wrong line height can leave fonts looking crowded. It can ruin your entire design. A quick way to make this easier it to include a search bar on your site. Make sure the navigational aspects of your website are easily understood and even easier to notice.

Poor use of content and whitespace- Content is the most crucial part of your website, it actually define your business, product and its service. Incorporating too much text into websites is a big mistake many people make. Try to break text up where you can, and use visual elements to represent concepts where possible. Content should always be updated otherwise, customers might think you’ve gone out of business. Try to make good use of whitespace and impressive content that build reputation of your business and catch the eye of visitors.

Broken links- It is the worst disaster that are found in many websites. Bad link- hyperlink does nothing when clicked or lead to – “404” error pages which just disturb the mind of web users, they get annoyed and never return to your site. To recover from this bad situation includes a “Contact the Webmaster” link in your site’s footer so users can quickly let you know if they find a broken link or other mistake on your site–and fix those errors immediately. Test your site weekly and ensure that all links are working as promised.
Forgetting to link website’s to their social networking site- Nowadays social media, which create a buzz everywhere. Social media prove to be useful for driving a lot of traffic to company websites. Knowing this scenario still forgetting to link website’s with social media considered as the biggest blunder.

No way to get in touch- Lack of contact information is another common mistake. The moment user visit your site and find you the right company for them and want to purchase products or to get services. At this point, it’s imperative they should have the necessary contact information to place order. What if they don’t find contact information on your site they will get frustrated and leave the site. It depicts a bad image for your company. Your “Contact Us” page should always be just one click away, or your information should be at the bottom of every page.

When designing/redesigning a website, keep it simple, and keep the web visitor in mind. Web design is all about the aesthetics of not only your site, but your company and brand. It’s not a place to get experimental, or to impress by being flashy. Avoid these 10 mistakes (or fix them if you’ve made them), and then you are ready to conquer it.

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