Top 20 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools and Tricks for the Year 2018

Top 20 Search Engine Optimization Tools and Tricks for the Year 2018

Top 20 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools and Tricks for the Year 2018

SEO Confidential Tricks to Optimize Your Website Ranking In 2018

Are you looking for establishing your own business identity and leaving its footprint in the mind of web visitors? Or if you are striving hard to attract traffic to your website but can’t reach out to that much expectation. Then this is high time to think about reliable SEO tools that can surely optimize your website ranking without violating the Google guidelines. SEO tools now become the treasure tool for internet marketer’s without which reaching top rank almost looks like a dream. In short, well-designed website, with beautiful graphics and loads of related content or information will be of no use for if it is not marketed online efficiently to generate tons of traffic. Apart from manual labor, Quality Search Engine Optimization tool work as a magical brush to get the desired spot on top of search results.

Let’s dig out Top 20 free magical SEO tool that will hit the 2018 online industry and can also work out in your favor to optimize your business ranking”


1.) SEMRush– This tool is one of the secret ingredients behind the success of conventional marketing of an online business website as it carries out competitive analysis for keywords contained in the website with unlimited access to analytical data. The most powerful aspect of this tool is that it keeps spying on your competitors every single movement right from their website’s traffic, targeted keywords & work as a strategic tool that works for your website favorably. On its plus side features, SEMRush add-on it’s treasure with keyword tracking, competitor analysis, site audit, backlink analysis, to help you get a number1 position in the google ranking. The fun part of this tool begins when it derives the search from which part of the country your bulk of the audience is coming or getting from. Also protect the website in advance by analyzing the status of many critical issues like broken links, warnings, errors, and status of crawled pages. To beat the competition in the online world, SEMRush is the only tool that converts your web visitors into potential clients.

Similar Web

2.) Similar Web– To set a Benchmark against your competitors and to generate worthwhile leads, similar web tool leaves no stone unturned to increase the visibility of your Website with its value-added benefit. With the guidance of this tool, know how well your site is actually doing in terms of overall visits, bounce rate, number of visitors as compared to your competitor’s website performance. An interesting element of this tool is realized when it gives an insight report of your competitors website their source through which they receive traffic and what made them receive such amount of traffic. In short, it gives a transparent image of your position to your competitors and enables you to cut down the competition.

Seo Optimizer

3.)Seoptimer– Seoptimer is a freemium SEO auditing tool that is available for highlighting critical error shown in your website’s by investigating the given URL page. It acts as an adviser that recommend what you should do to improve your website’s search rankings. What else one would need if a tool itself point out the error and also recommend the measures to rectify it, it seems like gold is shining itself without burning in fire. This free SEO tool quickly analyzes any site, simply by entering a URL into the website’s main page. Seoptimer is an ideal strategy, one can utilize in order to improve SEO ranking.

4.) SEOquake– SEOquake tools have become web marketer’s x-ray visionary eye without which technical on-page issues affecting SEO ranking can’t be analyzed. This tool is a gateway to the online marketer for conducting their research on keywords. It is an interesting tool that provides on-spot information in-page as you browse a link partner and diagnose the other influencing parameters with its deeper insights that affect SEO ranking. This is hands down the preferential tool for the webmaster for comparing domain and URL’s strength and various other indexes that have the enough capabilities to rank up your business.


5.) Google Webmaster / Google Search Console– This is another most popular marketing tool which has all the essential perks that ensure a healthy error-free website with maximum traffic. As the name depicts, it is the master experts tool provided by Google itself,which has the efficient capabilities to judge the in-depth criteria of Google working that on what basis Google ranks your website, which no other tool can judge. This tool prioritizes the SEO working by reducing the analysis time and diagnose the status of websites with a detailed report of Crawling Error, Indexing, Cache, Sitemap Uploading etc. In short, it is a must to have tool for every link builder in order to adjust the crawl rate, check the keywords land on your site, also looked into your site’s statistics, and much more. This is proven to be a valuable instrument for website development for notching the top ranking for sure. 

Google Analytics

6.) Google Analytics– It is used by millions of developer and is considered to be the most reliable tool to run your SEO in a cost-effective way. This is the only tool that works towards building an interaction source of a medium between your site and web visitors by analyzing the times of their visits to check the traffic generated by the keywords used to your site and identify where you stand for them in  keywords ranking. Generation of traffic in websites is the best way to examine whether the tool is actually set efficiently for analyzing the website’s visitors and traffic report of the audience. It goes without saying that until you can’t measure the number of visitors on your site till then you will not be able to win the online market.

Google PageSpeed Insights

7.)Google PageSpeed Insights– What else be the advantageous option than let google to perform in favor of your website’s by highlight all the factors which are responsible for bringing your website’s speed down. With the advancement of technology, everything goes beyond its limits the same thing justify for website’s boundaries as it does not end up with one or two pages or with limited graphics. To attract a large number of visitors it is very important to optimize SEO presentation with User-Interface, Sidebar configuration, Interlinking, Customizing Menus, Newsletter integration, Subscribers List, subscription forms and too many more features. Installing of all this feature might create loading of your web-page which gives negative impression in the eye of the visitor or might they prefer not to visit your site again. But with the Google PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service, not only y provide your visitor an excellent smooth browsing experience but also rewards it with best Google ranking position.


8.) Alexa– Alexa is considered to be the most luxurious tool if talking about SEO tools. It is in itself a combo of all tools or can say the father of every other SEO tools. Many SEO drivers find it as an opportunity which accurately accesses critical information about their websites and that of their competitors. Being a subsidiary tool of Amazon, this tool is very useful for avoiding competition from your competitors by improving the performance of your websites, boost your visibility, and rank high in the search engine results page. Alexa delivers a platform to spy on the movement of your competitors where they are ranking on google search engines and what made them grab that position. Utilising that advantage create sure shot SEO strategies to boost your SEO techniques and reach out its presence among more people that take your business way ahead than your competitors.

Google Keywords Planner

9.) Google Keywords Planner– This tool heavily oriented towards browser search history and serve a useful resource which helps you to know about those keywords people are searching or typing into google search box. Being a content creation tool of Google, it will give you a clear list of keywords for building strong keyword ideas which help to estimate competitive bid which will take your promotional campaign to next level. The Google Keyword Planner Tool helps you to stay unique with your creative idea and identify most popular bidding terms, phrases, or words which potential visitors are searching for related to your business and convert those visitors into your potential customers.

 Google Tag Manager-

10.) Google Tag Manager– The powerful tool for strategies SEO improvement in website ` is the use of Google Tag Manager to replace the complicated-coded tags with some dynamic tags which are easy to implement on site. This is a great tool for marketers which has provide more precise data along with the usage of multiple tags. It gives an access to tag managers to update their site from time to time with this advanced tool and, let the whole team focus on other important areas. So, If you are striving for a coordinated way to organize your varied tags, be sure to check out the Google Tag Manager to save your tons of time for customizing those data that gets reported to Google Analytics.

Schema Markup

11.) Schema Markup – Schema Markup tool is a gem for the search engine to grab the full information about the website for a better understanding of your Web pages content. With proper implementation of this tool can bring a competitive advantage for your site by improving your click-through rate(CTR) and organic search result. This is the only tool which has the enough potential to kill two birds with one stone by giving a user-friendly experience in which users can analyze what a website is all about which helps the website rank better for all kinds of content types. All in all, this tool workout as a business card which delivers detailed information related to the business like where it has been located, what they do, how much product or service costs, plus plenty of other stuff.