Top 9 Advanced Blogging Tips 2018 That Stand You Unique From Others

Top 9 Advanced Blogging Tips 2018 That Stand You Unique From Others

 Every blogger needs some inspiration, guidance, and direction of an idol who can guide them how to excel in that particular field. For many years blogs have been considered as an essential marketing tool that most of the blogger use as a ladder to take steps towards success. Simply writing down on any given topic to finish your work on deadline doesn’t take your blog among the high rises which many bloggers usually expect through their skills. Unless the content of the blog is not a unique or tending blog is a total waste. The more interesting content you keep on your Blog – the more traffic you generate and in result more revenue you can make. To establish trust in the heart of the reader is a challenging task for bloggers which they face. To attain the attention of the reader, it’s very important for you to think like a reader first, what they expect from a blogger and read your content like an audience of your blog. Therefore, it is important for bloggers to spread their creativity beyond their thinking skills to capture the attention of their targeted audience.

To make you stand unique from other bloggers there are certainly advanced blogging tips that you need to keep in mind which will give you fruitful results in the end

Content is the success key of blogging. Write heading of the content so unique and different which force the reader to visit your blog and read the whole blog. Present an attractive and eye catchy heading to your readers, which they find interested. Figure out what your readers like to read like which type of content they prefer to read. The survival of a blog depends on its heading as this is the first step which decides how long your blog going to exist. If your reader finds something spicy in the heading of your content then only they take an initiative to read the blog and like it or share it with their friends. Therefore, take your time while thinking for your next heading which you will go to showcase in front of your readers. Stay updated on current issues related to winning the online market, which bookmarks your strong presence in the blogging world.

Give your content, your essence doesn’t write other words or copy their words, this will give a negative impact every person has its own thinking and perception which makes him different from other. And this is your strength your own thinking can bring revolution in the heart and mind of your readers. Present your style of writing without having fear of criticism. And make sure that the content you deliver must syncs up with the searching keywords of consumers

1) Be a solver

Your words should have the power that can solve the confusion and perception of your reader on a particular topic. If they are facing any problem for long or anything that disturbs them, then your creative thinking and words can solve all those things once your words touch their heart which brings transformation in their life.

2) Smartly Choose Appropriate Keywords Before Start Working On Writing Blogs

Keywords set a foundation of interest in the eye of your readers and also point out those keywords that you might miss out on your content which might prove to be useful for you later. Having an appropriate keywords research also ensure the top ranking of your blog in search engines by analyzing your competitor’s keywords which they are ranking for and make your content niche among all. In order to compete in the top ranking for SEO, you need to target all the relevant keywords which worth same value as of the quality of your content. Here are a few suggestions that might help you to figure out the smart keywords that will optimize your whole blog like you should be aware for whom you are writing your blog, what is the topic, If you utilize all the answers of these question, you win the half of the battle and rank in topmost position in search engines. A well-experienced blogger has been recognized from the crowd of millions of bloggers when put his focus in targeting all those specific keywords specifically which rank good amount of search volume per month and in result generate maximum traffic for their blog with less competition.

In fact, there are quite a few great tools, for keyword research which guides you to follow this process to drive immense traffic to your blog by the use of following essential tool-

2.1 ) Use Google Keywords Planner

As the name suggests this tool is an official product delivered by Google itself, which focuses its entire strength on giving an estimation of traffic of your targeted keywords. Based on your knowledge type a relevant keyword for your topic and in the result, it shows you the relevant topic globally and locally searches. Most advantageously, it is a free tool provided by Google to give the bulk of information when it comes to searching for the appropriate keyword for your blogs or articles.

2.2) Ideal use of KWFinder

This is the only tool which highlights the exact and accurate number of searches for one word or more than one-word keyword and in the result; it shows the trustable number of search volumes. Also, this tool is considered to be more precise as compared to other tools and popularly known as a strong alternative of Google keywords planner. And by the end, the revenue actually generates only when you are getting targeted traffic. Isn’t it? And the use of KWFinder always withstands impartial across various search engines.

3) Book a domain name

This is the most interesting and crucial step to build credibility around your blog which enhances the content of your blog. Your domain name described the whole story of your reputation. In short, more than a name, it works as your goodwill which you always want to be positive. So, while choosing for your domain name always work on for short and eye catchy name which is quite easy to type as well as always murmured in the mouth of every viewer. Your domain name should be like easy to remember always remain in the mouth of the viewer which ultimately result in your generation of traffic. Most importantly, ranking of Alexa and other ranking engines are directly associated with the domain name. So the bottom line is that always pick a unique and short domain name that you can give a good start.

4) Analysis the competitor

There is a popular saying that keeps your best friends close to you and your enemies much closer to your heart and mind. If you want to beat the competition and to shine among your competitors, it’s very important to rise above them by analyzing their strength and weakness which can prove to be beneficial for you.

Look down some tools that will help you to analyze your competitor’s blogs-

4.1)  SpyFu

In the present competitive scenario, stand one step forward, then your competitors add a bonus point to your name. And SpyFu leads you to take that single step above your competitors and let you know the exact keywords your competitors striving hard on. It acts as a keyword spy tool which keeps its keen eyes on spies for both your competitors and Google Adwords campaign keywords and points out those keywords which cost high demand per clicks. Beneficiary usage of this tool helps you to raise above all your competitors on the search engines and let you experience an increment in a number of audiences for your site.

4.2)  Open Site Explorer

To conduct competitive spying on your competitor’s keyword research, SERP analysis, and to check backlink of their site. Open Site Explorer is a tool that club the quality of backlinks of competitors which matter a lot to Google to give you a high page rank.

5) Plan of action

Blog writing is one of the best ways to attract visitors to land their presence on your web page and aware them of your brand’s unique status. Write a blog post with a good call to action and comment box, usage of different social media channels is the first step in creating a successful blog content plan which should need to be put into action…

5.1) Social Media Channels

Always remember that just by having a high rank on search engines always clear your way does to survive tough competition. Promotion of your business plays the last and final winning role for the success of your business. Being an interactive platform social media always add four-star and perks to business in which every information and content shared to bring massive traffic to your content. Promoting your blog on different online mode like facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr are one of the trendiest ways to get trillions of people to see your blog posts instantly. This is the best platform to get desired eyes on your blog, and it’s this reason which has the power to generate or can say revolutionize the number of followers for your site which you have never experienced earlier. The more you post your blog, the more people will see and the more audience you get. You can also encourage your reader to contribute their thoughts on this particular topic you have shared with them by adding their  comment which keeps their interest add-on for your blog

5.2) Email Marketing

You might write the most heart touching blog on a particular topic, but what happens if nobody is aware of your blog or nobody read it so this is the time to add a touch of Email marketing to your business. This is considered as the most revolutionary online marketing tactic that lay a bridge of communication between sender and receiver. Email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with the existing as well as to the potential customer to get attention from the bulk viewers while mentioning your URL.Therefore, promotion of your content with the use of bulk email is the most powerful way of getting the attention of valuable visitors.

5.3) SEO

It’s quite common every writer is the hunger for his readers and followers which appreciate his writing. To develop your blog acceptance from millions of viewers SEO marketing strategy play a crucial role by block those sites which carry keyword spamming and suggest the measures to overcome from the situation. This proven cutting-edge technique requires a sound knowledge of SEO writing builds your followers to enhance your business by showing your keen interest to help your target market.

6) Creative and Unique content

As much as your content is creative and unique the more interest your viewers will generate for your articles or blogs. Repetition of the same kind of content always symbolizes the boredom in your thoughts. A content is always called unique and creative which has the optimum usage of specific keywords which is unique to build trust among readers as well as to the web visitors that benefit the site in attaining the desired ranking. Not to forget writing creative and interesting content makes audiences love your topic and indirectly give a positive attitude towards your brand. In short, your content helps you to hold your viewers longer, with your updated content.

6.1) Retain the interest of customers for your content is possible with the use of Graphics

Graphics add a visual impact on the eye of viewers which itself speak your words, thoughts, and imagination. Usage of graphics helps the writers to strengthen the attractiveness of their blog interestingly and simultaneously get their content spread across to potential buyers. People now find it much comfortable to grab the information if it present to them in visually creative and artistic way by the use of graphics relative to your information.

6.2) Video

In today’s modern world, the video leaves a strong impact in the mind of viewers if they find it relevant according to their interest.  It is evidenced that more information has been popped across the net which has been shared with a relevant video which passes the same information as your content denotes to them. Adding up a video in your blog on a daily basis is going to attract the search engines to crawl your content giving you much higher search engine ranking.

6.3) Use of Statistics

To make your blog stand out use your information statistically apart from using headers, videos, and other visual tools to make your blog get noticed and remembered. This will keep the interest of visitors in data and enable them to grab the information easily and compare it with other and share the same information with their colleague, friends or relatives. As a result search engines easily recognize that your blog is a resource with tons of information for people to grab.

7) Don’t afraid to share your content

Content writers is a man of freedom, full of wisdom thoughts, whatever he is thinking in his mind he should have the courage to write it on spot and post it. The more you post your content, the more traffic your content will experience this is simply because search engines are grabbing your compelling content more frequently. If you truly want to advertise yourself by your writing style over the different platforms so you should never be afraid of sharing your content with people just because they might going to troll you. Always assume that distribution is the queen of your content more you expand more your kingdom will increases. So start sharing your to reach a wider audience.

8) Be regular

The simplest criteria to make your personal space in the heart of your followers make posting as your habit, get used too of this. If you do post on regular basis, the more attention you will get and more TRP you will gain which in result increase the engagement of your customer’s for your blogs. Be active while posting your content and try to post at least 2 posts once in weak to increase its visibility and let the viewers feel your presence.

9) Hire Dedicated Resources

For newbies, it is obvious that more professional you are in writing content more you will get to know your audience. Hiring a dedicated resource is must to have to make it worldwide famous and attain maximum traffic for your content. With the assistance of dedicated personnel, more chances are off to drive bulk audience instantly who will subscribe to your blog.

So, these are the few tricks of making your blog a complete game changer. Hopefully, above given tips will help you to do successful blogging with the niche of presentation of your blog.

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